It seems as though every day, there’s another new iPhone leak. And today, that leak is the iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 is said to have two cameras on it. Yes, two! At least one of those cameras will have the ability to take a picture and instantly upload it to the iPhone.

Early Prime Day deals: get all the latest early bird deals right here on CNET. A smaller yet more rounded notch, but no actual physical hardware upgrades. If the numerous iPhone 13 leaks that we have heard are accurate, then the only new hardware coming to older iPhones is an in-built fingerprint sensor that brings Touch ID right back to iPhones. This would be great news for iPhone users who have been waiting for this feature on their phones. No more typing in your fingerprint to unlock your phone; simply tapping it with your finger for instant password protection!

The next leak is about the iPhone’s Face ID. It may not have the functionality of the rumored Face ID, but it sure has many leaky features. Like the dual camera, the iPhone’s Face ID could do much more than recognizing your fingerprints. Sure, it can recognize you right then, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to unlock your phone from a locked iPhone, right? It may also unlock your phone with your fingerprint, but only if your finger is close enough to the sensor.

Then again, it could be the 12 mini leak that finally convinces Apple to release the iPhone’s full potential. Rumors have suggested that the new phone will have a smaller screen and fewer capabilities overall than the iPhone 4S. Apple has definitely done something innovative to beef up the iPhone’s features, including the iPod mini’s announcement.

Could the announcement of the iPod mini and the release of the iPhone 13 be a sign of the upcoming Apple Watch? There have been rumors that the Apple Watch will have a bigger screen, but they have also said that it will also be more like an Apple iPhone, similar to the mini. Could the Watch be a smaller version of the iPhone? That would make sense, especially if Apple were to release the new device first before introducing the Watch.

Finally, there’s the third most anticipated iPhone 13 leak of all. Will it have a USB port? This has been rumored for months, but there has yet to be confirmation on whether or not the iPhone will feature a USB port. For now, though, it’s safe to assume that it will, as the iPhone will be able to use accessories from other manufacturers, such as the iPhone’s own accessories. The addition of a USB port to the iPhone means that it will only get easier to expand its features.