By the end of this year, it is estimated that over $1.9 billion will be spent on mobile marketing. What are business trends indicating that people will embrace this lucrative trend? The three most significant business trends indicating people will embrace mobile marketing in 2021 are digitization, collaboration, and business intelligence. How will consumers work from home? Digitization – how digital information can easily be shared with others via devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and digital readers? Digitization can enable us to create content quickly and share it with others within seconds.

Collaboration – how can people collaborate more effectively? Mobile devices can allow business professionals to stay in touch with one another regardless of where they are physically located. Businesses that have access to a business network of cellular phones, tablets, laptops, and digital readers will likely see greater levels of productivity. Businesses that have access to a large number of office-based computers will also likely experience greater levels of productivity with the use of mobile devices.

Business intelligence – what is business intelligence? By getting more information about their customers, businesses can build stronger customer relationships. This will help businesses develop and implement better business ideas for the future. Business intelligence can help businesses develop and find mobile marketing trends. It can also help businesses determine their next steps in optimizing their business models. Business intelligence can provide valuable insights into business trends and ideas that can dramatically improve business operations.

Work from anywhere – people already spend more time working on the go than ever before. Smartphones and other mobile devices enable employees to work more productively while on the go. Besides, more people than ever before can access the Internet via their mobile phones. This allows businesses to utilize new forms of communication that were previously only available to an organization’s workforce.

Social media engagement – with social media, people can engage in business conversations with people worldwide. This gives businesses a chance to reach out to a global audience. Today, many people use social networks like Facebook and Twitter for business purposes. Companies should embrace this trend and create mobile apps that allow people to connect with their companies.

New device technologies – 3G technology has changed the way we do business now there is 4G and 5G. We are now able to streamline services and communication at a tremendous rate. People want more from their devices and are open to using more advanced technology that increases their level of engagement with businesses. Businesses should invest in this area if they want to successfully embrace new mobility trends.

Business news – people want to stay up to date with the business that is why so much business news is consumed online. By incorporating mobile technology into your news feeds you can offer people breaking news stories from around the globe without having to write a story yourself. This will help increase your exposure to new business opportunities that you may not have otherwise known about. It can lead to greater loyalty among current customers as well. If your business offers people the ability to update their status on Facebook, or tweet about your business every time they get a message on their phone, this will gain them more attention than ever before.

Mobile optimization – this includes everything that we touched on above. By optimizing your site for the new mobile versions of operating systems, platforms, and apps, you will get even more exposure. If you are unfamiliar with mobile marketing, it is a highly effective method of increasing brand recognition as well as generating leads. If your business isn’t implementing mobile optimization, it is never too late.

So I am asking, how is your business embracing 2021? Have you increased your social media presence? Have you updated your technology? Have your build stronger customer relations? If you answered no to any of these, your business needs serious help.


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