Have you ever wondered what has changed in the marketing world in the last five years? A change of emphasis is only one aspect of the ever-changing marketplace. Marketing agencies may be experiencing a more significant shift than most.
Marketing is not just about product development or advertising but also about the economic conditions and consumer trends. A lessened concern for advertising dollars and less focus on sales has made it more important to focus on changing consumer behavior. Advertising agencies can’t only continue to pander to consumers and throw their marketing efforts at them.
So, where does this leave the agency? Well, they can still market the same product but perhaps only to those who are willing to purchase what they are selling. But the goal should always be to develop a strong base of clients to build and support.
What has changed in the marketing environment has been the amount of time spent on marketing. New executives may have to become more creative to meet marketing goals. And it is not just about changing how people see your product.
It is about how other consumers view your product. And how other businesses perceive your products.
The desire to change consumer’s perception is driving a higher drive for better services and marketing that are focused more on developing and continuing to grow the client base. For most companies, they no longer accept advertising based on just a sale.
To better capture, the consumer’s opinion and how other companies and other clients see the product, the agency must become much more creative in using different marketing tools. They must try to reach a broader audience or make a positive statement about the way the company functions.
As more companies use the internet to find new customers, the need for marketing strategy tools is growing exponentially. Now the agency must develop strategies to convince potential customers to want to purchase their product or service rather than the competition.
The internet and social media are playing a significant role in how marketing is developed and will continue to be a part of the industry. No matter how old the concept of the professional PR consultant, some form of media will always be involved in the advertising process; because they are the “first impression” for a company’s brand.
The advent of new technology has created new ways for people to communicate with each other. The internet is an essential change in how marketers think about marketing. Even though this new communication tool is relatively new, the role it plays in marketing is becoming more significant as consumers begin to stay online longer and can read through emails before they even have the chance to view other mediums.
With this in mind, consumers need to know about your business, products, and services long before they even have the chance to purchase. If you haven’t already taken advantage of this new interactive medium, now is the time to create a marketing strategy that will help you establish a strong base of customers.